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Currently working on Monster Wash with the startup Speldosa Interactive.
Go check it out!
monster_wash_gif I've worked professionally as a programmer in game development (Unity3D), large planning systems (C#/SQL) and web development. Range of experience also include working with customers for contracted software and working as a teacher and lecturing large groups of students.

The most famous game I've worked with is Element TD.
Was involved a lot with balancing and QA testing for Warcraft 3 version - and then additionally some coding and publishing in europe for Starcraft 2 version.

Creator of Thumbnail Generator, a plug&play Unity3D editor tool.
Helped create Water Physics for Unreal Engine together with Måns Isaksson.

I like to play competitive multiplayer games. Top ranked in multiple games including Dota 2 (top 1500), Starcraft 2 (master rank), Warcraft 3 and Heartstone (top 800).

More information about professional projects exist in Employment and Freelance tabs - altough they are not completely up to speed.


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Programming languages





Backend Programmer | Pocapp Studios [2021-present]

Some backend stuff, some Unity stuff and some other stuff. [segment under construction]

Lecturer in Informatics | University of Skövde [2020-2021]


Lecturer at the program Webbutvecklare - programmering

Responsibilities include all ranges in lecturing, tuition, course development and grading.
Heavy focus on following techstack: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Git, SQL

Also lecturer for Advanced Computer Graphics and Shader Programming

Application developer specialist | Volvo Group IT [2018-2019]


CPO - Central Planning Office | PC/Web | C#, SQL, Javascript

Responsibilities include specifying and implementing new features and needs in CPO System. CPO is a huge database system with user requests both from web and application, it also handles message queue requests to and from other systems in the form of flat files and xml files.

Oculus VR

Foundry Flow 2.0 - Virtual Manufacturing | Unity3D, steamVR | C#

Lead Unity3D programmer for Virtual Reality project showcasing plans for new factory lines at Skövde Powertrain.

Unity3D Programmer | Solutions Skövde [2017]

biosfar glasbruk

Här Finns liv | Biosfär Vänerskärgården Kinnekulle | Android, iOS | Unity3D | C#

Minispel i Malmö | Svenska Kyrkan Malmö | WebGL | Unity3D | C#, Javascript

Ebba och Ture | Glasets Hus Limmared | Android, iOS | Unity3D | C#

Svartkonstboken | Skövde Stadsmuseum | iOS | Unity3D | C#

Software development of interactive experiences and digital games contracted by customers. Responsibilities range from planning, both within the company and with customers, and implementing the contracted software.

Personal tutor | University of Skövde [2016]


Personal tutor for first year students at the education dataspelsutveckling – programmering. Subjects included essay writing, openGL with C++ and Unity3D development in C#.

Freelance & Other work

Unreal Water Buoyancy Physics [2021]

Very cool UE4 water physics! Made by Måns Isaksson.

My main task was to eat fika, but I also spent lots of hours with design for optimizations and water physics math.

There were some plans to port this to plugin to Unity in the future, but we got a bit lazy (and other great plugins already existed). But please reach out to me (or Måns) if you would be interested in such a project!

Published Asset (Unity3D) | Thumbnail Generator [2020]

Thumbnail Generator A plugin asset I've been working on during my free time. Is embeded plug&play into Unity, no need for custom scene or gameobject, can even be used in the prefabStage. Supports postProcessStack V2 and Scriptable render pipelines. With version 1.1 released the tool got added support for backgroundScenes and live preview.

Thumbnail Generator

Block My Way! - Studio Krisk [2020]

Block My Way! Screenshot Block My Way! Thumbnail

Programmer of the prototype version. Prototype included multiple levels and saving player progress, as well as mobile device touch zoom/drag&drop build mode. I worked on the prototype 2017, it was put on hold and later finished in 2020.

Prototype version [2017]

A Northen Hymn - Angry Demon Studios [2017]

Created the damage shader effect used in the final release version. Also included implementing it into their game in Unreal Engine.

Element TD [2006-2016] [2020]

Element TD Element TD

My very first game projects, before I even knew I wanted to make games.
Mostly involved with the early "non-commercial" projects. Nevertheless I continued to hand arround the development team for minor design inputs and theorycrafting Unity replay system. Has done a lot of patching for engine updates to Warcraft/Starcraft.

Warcraft 3 (~2006-2011) - Beta Tester

Starcraft 2 (2010-2013,2015,2020) - EU Publisher - Quality Assurance & Patching

Warcraft 3 Reforged (2020) - Port to reforged (I never ever want to write JASS code ever again)



[2014-2017] Dataspelsutveckling – programmering, University of Skövde


[2011-2014] Civilingenjör i datateknik, Linköping University

Self-driving labyrinth robot

Custom-designed processor / graphics card

Some recorded Gamejams & Prototypes

[WIP] Project Tielem - Unity Webassembly

(Browser game! Click link to play! Arrowkeys + space + Mouse)


Gamejam - Wikipedia race: wikidrifter - JavaScript

(Browser game! Click link to play! Arrowkeys + space)

Gamejam - Cross engine UDP multiplayer between Unity and Unreal

Gamejam - Cascading Cannons - Unity

VR Prototype - Virtual Reality - Unreal

Prototype - Levelbuilder platform/puzzle - Unity

Prototype - Random particleeffects - Unity

Gamejam - Postnord 2.0 - Unity

Prototype - RPG AI / seethrough shading - Unity



Maybe maybe to make it more personal? Some random stuff like chocolate? Competitive games?